Sunday, March 12, 2006

Once More Into the Fray

Well, it's official! I am now the newest staff member of The Hotel. I have just returned from my trial shift - unpaid. My first paid shift will be on Monday. It's been six weeks and five days since my last waitressing shift.

So, what's it like? It's an upmarket cafe/restaurant attached to a hip inner city pub in a hip inner city suburb. Old heritage building, renovation, wood floors, you know the deal. Very classy. There are SO many staff. Nice menu - a mix of asian, mediterranean, the usual Australian thing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as functions. Nice people. Very professional - in fact, I feel that some of my skills are inferior in comparison. I'm going to improve myself here, people!

I worked about two and a half hours, before being asked into the manager's office. The floor manager had already told me I had done been a big help, done an 'excellent' job and that I was hired! That was a relief. All I did all night was run food and drinks - no tables for me tonight.No table numbers on the tables means confusion for the new staff! I fielded a couple of customer requests and managed to find the right waiter or waitress to report it to. Cleared tables. This place is so big they even have a manager in the kitchen co-ordinating the orders. Usually when I have experienced this I have been on the kitchen side, sometimes it has been me. There were so many staff and everyone was friendly - every one said thank you whenever I did anything.

The pace is fast and furious. No time to talk. Caught a few people's names - but that's it. Also, no-one wants to get to know the newbie too well, in case they don't come back. The manager told me that out of eight trials this week they've hired me and one other person. That's why they don't want to pay people for trial. I can understand it. My personal opinion is that if you then go on and hire the person, you should pay them for that shift. It's only fair.

So, here I go. I've been given three shifts next week - two during the week and one on the weekend - plus there is an 'orientation' on Wednesday night, when we learn all the hotel's specific procedures.

Waitress on Sea - now a hip urban waitress.


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